Sunday, April 18, 2010

I took the girls to the park this morning the comment on your girls are so beautiful from the other race get me thinking there are some positive comments coming from the opposite race. As I stated and blogs earlier that I had many negative comment but you know I kept right on going because I was sure about myself! I have always wonder about the criticism with Shanti hair with her being at a young age but so far she does not come home from school saying anything. Shanti talks alot and about everything.

One thing I say when my girls get older, around middle school and they decide they don't want to lock anymore. I gladly let them remove their locks. That's four to five years away. So for now I just sit back and watch their hair grow.

Anyways we went to the park this morning and we took some really good pictures!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I know it's been so long since I blog, but i just been so busy, work, kids, you know! PATIENCE will be starting school this fall. I'm like yay! So I'm going back to school too. We had a good Easter! Okay to the hair. I'm going on twenty months and the kids are eight months in. My hair has been doing great, right now I'm having a bit of dandruff problem. Any ideas? I know I should wash more, I have stop washing, I wash just before I get a retightening. My hair tends to unravel and it's like I never got a retightening once I wash. So please any idea on that one also. Ashanti hair, she has extentions then I took them out, then redid them. Now you can see I took them out again. I just can't make up my mind with her hair. Patience hair is coming along just fine. I don't have to retightened her hair as often. She is going thru all the stages. I'm going to let Shanti just go thru her stages naturally too. One thing i wish for especially with the summer months aproaching is to make one pony tail and go. I guess my time will come. I look at last6 year's easter pictures and this years and i see how far I come.