Sunday, April 18, 2010

I took the girls to the park this morning the comment on your girls are so beautiful from the other race get me thinking there are some positive comments coming from the opposite race. As I stated and blogs earlier that I had many negative comment but you know I kept right on going because I was sure about myself! I have always wonder about the criticism with Shanti hair with her being at a young age but so far she does not come home from school saying anything. Shanti talks alot and about everything.

One thing I say when my girls get older, around middle school and they decide they don't want to lock anymore. I gladly let them remove their locks. That's four to five years away. So for now I just sit back and watch their hair grow.

Anyways we went to the park this morning and we took some really good pictures!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I know it's been so long since I blog, but i just been so busy, work, kids, you know! PATIENCE will be starting school this fall. I'm like yay! So I'm going back to school too. We had a good Easter! Okay to the hair. I'm going on twenty months and the kids are eight months in. My hair has been doing great, right now I'm having a bit of dandruff problem. Any ideas? I know I should wash more, I have stop washing, I wash just before I get a retightening. My hair tends to unravel and it's like I never got a retightening once I wash. So please any idea on that one also. Ashanti hair, she has extentions then I took them out, then redid them. Now you can see I took them out again. I just can't make up my mind with her hair. Patience hair is coming along just fine. I don't have to retightened her hair as often. She is going thru all the stages. I'm going to let Shanti just go thru her stages naturally too. One thing i wish for especially with the summer months aproaching is to make one pony tail and go. I guess my time will come. I look at last6 year's easter pictures and this years and i see how far I come.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shanti hair Patience's hair

My hair

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

january updates

What's new this month! Well I have starting doing new styles. Yay my hair is finally long enough to do in styles. Lord knows I thought I'll never get there. I haven't reach the mark of a pony tail yet, but I'll be so glad when I get there. Anyways my journey with GOD has been getting better each week since the new years. Each week I discovered something new about me and my walk with the Lord. How to be better And stronger, to have courage. that I have to go to trials and tribulations where we know that we need the Lord and that I am learning.

Patience has A Good grade of hair that kind of hair that curls when you wash it. She has had her braid locs for six months now in february. Her hair is the easiest to do, i tighten it with a croshay needle.

Ashanti hair we had the most fights with because of her perm ends. i just finnally choped all off on sunday and put a band around it. Next saturday she will finnaly have her extention dreads put in the right way. for the past six month i just been getting hair put on top of her hair. so i'm not going to say these six months have been and a waste with her because it has been a journey in itself. So I'LL KEEP you updated on our journey.

Friday, January 1, 2010


It's a new year guys and my god bless you in whatever journey follows you. I must say it's been a great 2 years. By that I being natural and finding out who I really am. The past year I decided to abstrain from sex. I mean that was another step with discovering who I was and I did not need a man to define me. Nah I'm not saying I have not ben stress, LORD knows have but wth pray god has always brought me thru the other side. It's not easy being a single mother of two but I do it without complaint because they did not ask to be here. I rememeber after my mom died I was so depress but literally I lived for these children. I mean my pray to God was to always make sure my kids are okay. Yesterday before the new years came in, it was thank you because we are making it only because of him, when we don't have, we have because of him. So my new years resolutions are, well the top three are to stop cussing, read a bible verse a day and do more things with my girls