Friday, January 1, 2010


It's a new year guys and my god bless you in whatever journey follows you. I must say it's been a great 2 years. By that I being natural and finding out who I really am. The past year I decided to abstrain from sex. I mean that was another step with discovering who I was and I did not need a man to define me. Nah I'm not saying I have not ben stress, LORD knows have but wth pray god has always brought me thru the other side. It's not easy being a single mother of two but I do it without complaint because they did not ask to be here. I rememeber after my mom died I was so depress but literally I lived for these children. I mean my pray to God was to always make sure my kids are okay. Yesterday before the new years came in, it was thank you because we are making it only because of him, when we don't have, we have because of him. So my new years resolutions are, well the top three are to stop cussing, read a bible verse a day and do more things with my girls


  1. resolution almost mirrors yours. Hope you are successful in maintaining your resolution.

  2. hope you have luck with yours also. so far i'm doing good with mine, my mouth is just the problem!