Wednesday, November 25, 2009

salon visit

It's 8:05am and I'm very anxious because at 11am this morning I will have my first salon visit for a retwist and style. I guess I'm anxious because I don't know what I want. I mean as in a style. I do know what I 'm looking forward to is someone esle washing my hair. So Ill get back after my visits with pictures and my experience. okay i had my salon visit and the stylist she can really do some hair but she wasn't very customer friendly so I don't think I'll be going back. She saw that I had been interlocking my hair and she said not to do that anymore because my dreads would pop. I was like I don't want that to happen but I see so many people interlocking and I just wanted to know if that was true? Also what do you do about the hot salon dryer, I hated that the most because the top of my head was really on fire? I like to treat myself to the salon more often, once I find I a new stylist because I am really digging the style!


  1. To weigh in on your question, my theory is that possibly your locs could pop if you interlock to tightly? Latching or interlocking produces a much tighter pattern to your new growth verses twisting. So if your locs are of a thick consistency and then you interlock your new growth to a thinner tighter base, it's quite possible as time goes on the lock could break. But then again, twisting too tightly could also make your locks become weak over time and break. One thing I'm certain on is choose one method.
    As for the hot salon dryer, it's ok as long as you are not trying to dry your hair with heat very often. If you find that the dryer is too hot, ask that it be turned down a notch. It'll make for a longer drying time, but at least your scalp won't be on fire.

  2. thanks for the advice and comments kicukalah